Ernst Leumann
Ludwig Alsdorf
Hermann Oldenberg
John L. Brockington
N. Tsuji
Klaus Bruhn

Louis Renou 1896 -1966

Mélanges d'Indianisme a la Mémoire de Louis Renou. Paris 1968: XI -XII

N. Tsuji schreibt:

"Vedisant first and foremost, Renou nevertheless took a warm interest in almost all branches of Brahmanical culture and learning, and by the great abundance and rich variety of his works all the Indologists of the world have been placed more or less under obligation to him. Scholarship being happily combined with practicality in him, he did not mind taking the trouble to extend us a helping hand by a number of useful and handy books: bibliographies, grammars, lexicons, manuals, anthologies and translations."


"His death cannot be lamented enough. The author of Les maitres de la philologie védique (1928) has now rank among those great masters of Vedic Studies [E. Benveniste, ...]. Our only consolation is that his immense and multifarious contributions to Sanskrit philology will live on the lips of scholars as long as Indian studies continue to exist."